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Foster Gamble

Your demonstration of a Quantum Body Language was brilliant. Physicalizing our theories with breath, sound and movement allowed a group of mumbling physicists to leave walking the talk!

Foster Gamble, physicist and producer of the movie Thrive

Susan Blakely

After your amazing session I realized the enormous effort I’ve made to hide behind a public persona that wasn’t even real! Breathing with ecstatic power, humming with love, sounding with freedom of expression, moving my body flowing motion, and unleashing my authentic feeling nature – my slave driver mind in which I am ‘never enough’ has finally taken a long needed rest. What a relief!

Susan Blakely, Actress

James Wanless

Wowza's work is natural genius in action. Through embodiment of a fluid body language, I am more adaptable to change, more open and heartfelt in my communication with others, more happy and successful - more me!

James Wanless, PhD, Strategic Intuition for the 21st Century

Dina Glouberman

Your Ecstatic Aliveness program set on our group on fire!  Breathing, sounding and moving with the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH gushing through my body felt like being plugged into an electrical current that blew my mind of a lifetime of self-imposed limitation.

Dina Glouberman, CEO Skyros Institute

Screen Shot 2020-09-12 at 4.22.46 PM.png

Bravo Wowza! Your amazing process washed away my tired old persona, brought renewed inspiration to my mind, sensuous fluidity to my body and I walked away with the deepest calm I have ever experienced. 


Don Chang CEO, Social Research, Japan

Jeff Hutner

Wowza is a human dynamo of pure heartfelt energy 
when she delivers her inspiring message of healthy, ageless living.

Jeff Hutner, CEO, New Paradigm Digest

Christen Brown

Wowza’s ability to embody people’s stressful body language and help them almost instantly unravel it into authentic, vital expression is remarkable.

Christen Brown, Star Quality

Beautiful Hearts

Wowza you created a powerful platform for me to move my out of obsession in my head, and be in my body, my heart - my authentic self. Shortly after our work together, I meet the woman of my dreams! Thank you!

Jing Wang, Holistic Institute Hong Kong

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