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At Age 84, Wowza is the embodiment of Ageless Vitality

With six decades as a leader in the human potential movement, she's busted loose of the aging game to ignite the beauty and power of our unlimited nature.

Her expertise as a wellness consultant and a pioneering transformational facilitator has helped Oracle Corp, Sun MicroSystems, Skyros Institute, the Sequoia Symposium, Esalen Institute, Lawrence Livermore Labs, individuals and groups across the world to integrate principles of quantum body language, expressive arts therapy, meditation and ageless vitality.


Embodying Ageless Vitality

What is ageless vitality? It's the glow in your eye, the flowing motion of your spine, the spontaneous joy in your expression, the resonant warmth in your voice, and courage to love yourself and life beyond all reason

Wowza's story, which spans from Woe to Wow, exemplifies how to weave the traumatic threads of a wounded personal history--the pain of physical/emotional abuse, a disfiguring skin disease, cross-eyes and crippling inhibition into a tapestry of magic that goes beyond the limitations of prevailing myths.

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