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Meet Wowza

There was Raquel Welch, Jane Fonda...and now there is Wowza. What do all these women have in common? Age is no longer a factor in perpetually renewing the flow of Ageless Vitality.

Wowza is a  professional actress, ecstatic energizer, champion of life force, innovative bodyworker, embodiment speaker, and a pioneer in expressive arts therapy. With an international, multidisciplinary background that covers six decades teaching the evolution of consciousness in the human potential movement, Wowza is a trailblazer who has busted loose of the aging game by excavating  a virtual ‘fountain of youth’ that is revitalizing the beauty and power of our Universal Nature.

Her inspiring interactive presentations and seminars demonstrate how to embody the expressive intelligence, creative brilliance, ecstatic aliveness,

and free spirited adaptability of ageless vitality that can grow ever strong with each passing year.  

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Sacred Actor by Wowza

There is No One, Nothing We Are Not

Wowza's recently published book, offers an embodiment process to step into our greater self, and a vocabulary of ecstatic expression - not just for stage and screen, but to flex our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual muscles as the star player of our daily lives.

The expansion of the universality of our identity plays a major role in determining the kind of future we wish to manifest. We are more than the parts we play. We don't have to cast ourselves in the same role for the entire run of the play. We are only stuck in as role if we think we are. 

God Is An Actor

In the Upanishads of Hindu mythology, ‘God is an Actor’ from which all things arise—the rocks and the trees, you and me, and all of humankind is entangled in the quintessence of love made manifest. The spiritual proclamation, ‘I Am That,’ heralds the emergence of the Sacred Actor who embodies all of life as the divine manifestation of infinite love.

Like the phoenix bird rising out of the ashes, the Sacred Actor has come to support us all in playing the greatest role of this lifetime—the newly emerging Homo Amore Universalis—a Universal Loving Being in co-creation with others and the world as One Body of infinite love.

Change Is Always Possible!

The willingness to be provocateurs of change in the reinvention of limiting roles of separation, limitation and lack into an unconditionally loving being is essential in healing the enormous divisive challenges we are now facing.

The new sciences are in agreement with mystical traditions: there is no division between ourselves, other people and the world around us except by the limitations we construct in our own minds. The universe around us is a reflection of the universe within us. 

Aligning with the Sacred Actor as the all-encompassing conduit through which the river of inspired creativity can flow, a worldwide Global Theatre is emerging that is everywhere present! 

In this reality show of living, amplifying our personal melodramas on the global stage in our homes, with friends and in the sacred theatre of our own minds,

art and life are ‘viscerally’ enjoined in creative interaction. It is then, our deepest struggles and past trauma, including guilt, shame, and inhibitory barriers—can be consciously embodied on the global stage as an academy award performance!

Merging with the Sacred Actor as the creative source of life possessing the same energy and intelligence that created the entire universe, we have the full bodied freedom at last to bring out our unique gifts and talents to the world with grace, boldness and daring. 

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