Meet Wowza

 A professional actress, acting coach and pioneer in expressive arts therapy with international, multidisciplinary background that covers six decades teaching the evolution of consciousness in the human potential movement, Wowza is a trailblazer who has busted loose of the aging game by

by stimulating a virtual ‘fountain of youth’ of perpetual renewal. Her inspiring interactive presentations inspire us how to live a radiantly fit lifestyle by excavating the expressive intelligence, creative brilliance, ecstatic aliveness and ageless vitality of our Universal Self.

Wowza's most exciting work is unleashing a worldwide Global Theatre is that is everywhere present!

We are more than the parts we play. We don't have to cast ourselves in the same role for the entire run of the play. We're only stuck in as role if we think we are. The willingness to be provocateurs of change in the expansion of identity plays a major role in determining the kind of future we wish to manifest. 

 Wowza's recently published book, Sacred Actor - Shape Shifting into our Universal Nature - offers an embodiment process and vocabulary of ecstatic expression—not just for stage and screen, but to flex our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual muscles  as the star player of our daily lives.

Born a Sacred Actor, this artist of being has come to support us all in stepping into the greatest role we can play in this lifetime—Homo Amore Universalis: the emergence of a universal loving being embodied as ‘living art in progress.’

Wowza's Sacred Actor process brings together a fluid, unifying body language that activates the flowing motion of our spine, the joy in our walk, the resonant warmth of our voice, and rejuvenates a love of life beyond all reason.

When art and life are ‘viscerally’ enjoined in creative interaction, our deepest struggles and past trauma, including guilt, shame, and inhibitory barriers—can be enacted on the global stage as an academy award performance!