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Meet Wowza

                         There was Raquel Welch, Jane Fonda...and now there is Wowza. What do all these women have in common?  Age is no longer a factor in perpetually renewing the flow of Ageless Vitality.

      Wowza is a legend with a tremendous legacy. Her amazing journey through life has moved from Woe to Wow, an ugly duckling who became a swan. Emerging out of six decades of leadership in expanding consciousness in the human potential movement, a trailblazer and evolutionary catalyst of courageous creativity by excavating the expressive intelligence, creative brilliance and ecstatic aliveness of our Universal Self.

Wowza has busted loose of the aging game  

      A professional actress trained with Lee Strasberg at the famed Actors Studio and a group leader at Esalen Institute since 1979, her interactive talks and workshops (pioneering expressive arts into therapy) offer embodied tools that rekindle vital energy, fluid flexibility, and inspiring motivation to live a creative and radiantly fit, wholistic lifestyle.